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Pancake Gift Box Under $17

Updated: Feb 8

This delightful breakfast box makes an ideal gift, especially for a special occasion. Everyone always enjoys a good, hot breakfast in the morning, and this gift is perfect for Christmas morning, for a hostess or anyone really!

I Loved the way these gift boxes turned out for my friends. I was making a whole bunch and wanted to keep them within $20. Optional you could totally customize these with your Cricut and add each friend's name or even a cute message. I ran out of time but I will definitely do that for next year!

Gift Box $26.88 for 15

These Cake boxes were the perfect height. Was a little on the small side for the pancake mix bag. You could always size up if you want to a size 10-inch box to space out everything more evenly. I got the 8X8X4 from Amazon they also have 10X10X5.

Dollarama Crinkle Paper $1.25

I used 1 bag per box, you could split the bag in half in you wanted to. I figured for the price I mind as well use the whole bag. If you don't like the color I also purchased the light brown bag for another gift box I was making.

Jakeman's Maple Syrup $6.99

Jakeman's award-winning, pure, Ontario maple syrup is made with love and care. The perfect breakfast companion

Jakeman's Pancake Mix $5.99

Everyone knows pancakes are maple syrup's best friend. Jakeman's Premium Buttermilk Pancake Mix is pan-ready for the family to enjoy. Light, fluffy and rich, these buttermilk pancakes are sure to liven up Christmas morning breakfast.

I got this from Longo's if you don't have Longo's near you, you can also find them here;

HERSHEY'S CHIPITS Chocolate Chips, Pure Semi-Sweet $10.99

HERSHEY'S CHIPITS Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips is a cupboard staple! And are the perfect addition to your pancakes. CHIPITS Chocolate Chips delivers a rich, smooth and creamy texture.

I also got this from Longo's if you don't have Longo's near you, you can also find them here;



Allure Maek 100 Pieces Resealable Food Storage Bags with Clear Window 4X6

You will get 100 pieces of resealable food storage bags in one package. I know it's a lot but trust me you WILL use these, or you can share with others.

Carnaby Raspberry Candy Canes $1.99

I got these from Fortinos there were only $1.99 I would not recommend buying them online for anything more than that. I checked everywhere online but the cheapest I could find was $3.99


  • Boxes: $26.88 / 15 = $1.80

  • Chocolate Chips: $10.99 /25 (or more depending on how many chocolate chips you use) = $0.44

  • Maple Syrup: $6.99

  • Krinkle Paper: $1.25

  • Reusable Bags: $19.00/100 = $0.19

  • Pancake Mix: $5.99

  • Candy Canes: $1.99/10 = $0.10, I put two in each box for $0.20


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